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Training for medical professionals

Masters course in Hair Transplantation is an advanced training program in Hair Transplantation techniques that helps in opening the doors to a lucrative career for aspiring doctors, physicians, and surgeons to become eminent hair, transplant surgeons.
The training at the Dermasky Aesthetic Academy for doctors, physicians, and surgeons covers all aspects of hair transplantation procedures and allows the participants for one-on-one hands-on practice on live patients. Physicians are trained on all the latest equipment and tools for both the extraction and the restoration process, which are provided by Dermasky Academy.

The experienced medical team in hair transplant.

Participants after completing this course become hair transplant specialists and have a rewarding career ahead.

Objectives of this Programme

  • Discuss the history and current advances in Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Identify relevant surgical anatomy for the Scalp.

  • Learn genetic and non-genetic causes of hair loss.

  • Learn different kinds of medical treatments that can be used for hair loss

  • Identify indications, contraindications, and proper preoperative preparation

  • Get trained in the art of designing a natural hairline.

  • Master the surgical techniques of eyebrow, mustache and sideburn transplants

  • Preform Advanced Harvesting Techniques and Trichophytic closure

  • Discuss the techniques of Graft dissection and Placement

  • Identify safety issues, potential complications of Hair Transplant Surgery, management, and how to avoid them

  • Tips and techniques in building a successful Hair Transplant Practical


Why one should do this Programme

  • Live Interactive Sessions & Hands-on Practical Training

  • Certification of Completion from Dermasky Aesthetic Academy

  • 5 days of Training at Dermasky Aesthetic Academy.

  • Learning from International Faculty of Dermasky Aesthetic Academy.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the latest procedures and techniques during Hands-on Training.


Benefits of Hands-on Training

The hands-on clinical training enables physicians to perform actual procedures on live patients under the guidance and supervision of an expert. The instructor evaluates the attendee, ensuring that they learn and demonstrate the skills necessary for successful aesthetic medicine physicians.

Session 1


  • Introduction to the Hair Transplantation Course


Session 2


  • Structure & Function

  • Normal Hair Growth

  • Hair Types

  • Hair Problems


Dandruff/ Hair Fall/ Alopecia Areata/ Androgenetic Alopecia/Scarring Alopecia/Telogen Effluvium/Anagen Effluvium/ Hirsutism/ Hypertrichosis/ Folliculitis

Session 3


  • Basic Science of Hair

  • Hair and Scalp Anatomy

  • Androgenic Alopecia and other Types of Hair Loss

  • Medical Treatments

  • Growth Timeline

  • Hair Loss Drugs

  • Consultation, Planning, Preoperative Care and Hairline Design


  • Local Anaesthesia

  • Strip vs. FUE technique

  • Motorized/ Automated F.U.E. technique

  • Donor Harvesting

  • Graft Preparation Slivering and Graft Cutting

  • Recipient Site Preparation and Insertion

  • Other techniques: – Derma rollers and mesotherapy for hair regrowth


Session 4


  • How to set up Transplantation Centre

  • How To Market Your Practice and Build Your Customer Base

  • Medico-Legal Aspects of Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Ethics in Cosmetic Practice

  • What to buy and Where to Buy


Day 1


  • History and the Past of Hair Transplantation

  • Basic Science, Hair and Scalp Anatomy

  • Asian Hair: Knowing the Difference

  • Androgenic Alopecia and other Types of Hair Loss

  • Medical Treatment

  • Consultation, Planning, Preoperative Care and Hairline Design

  • Local Anaesthesia

  • Donor Harvesting – Strip Excision and FUE Techniques

  • Graft preparation Slivering and Graft Cutting

  • Recipient Site Preparation and Insertion

  • Dense Packing and Survival Rate

  • Complications in Hair Transplantation


Day 2

  • Mega Sessions

  • Body Hair Transplantation

  • Hair Transplantation in Scars

  • Eyebrows, Mustaches, and Sideburns Transplantation

  • Building a Hair Restoration Practice

  • Future in Hair Transplantation

  • Q & A’s


Day 3

  • Hands-on Training in Hair Transplant- 1st  Case (FUE )i


  • Case Presentation- Minimum 5

  • Viva-Voce

  • Written Assessment ( MCQs )

  • Award of Masters in Hair Transplantation 


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